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giovedì 5 aprile 2012

CLIL - Teaching Geography in English: what on earth was I thinking when I came up with the idea?

CLIL is an acronym for Content Language Integrated Learning. That is, teaching a specific subject, like Geography for instance, in English (or any other language) as a second language. Sounds great, doesn't it?

In my school, during a meeting among teachers of Lettere, that is Italian, History and Geography, Latin and Greek (yes, we do teach all these subjects in Liceo Classico in Italy, just in one person!) I volunteered for teaching Geography in English next year, at ginnasio level (i.e. the first two years of Grammar school). I mean, I came up with the idea and offered to try and teach Geography in English next year, I don't even know whether my proposal can or will be accepted.
And, on second thought, I don't even know why I came up with such a brilliant idea.
The task looks exceedingly difficult and time consuming, all the hard extra work being on a totally volunteer basis, no money or economic incentives of any kind in sight. And I don't even know whether I will ever really do it!
Nonetheless, I love English and I like Geography (here), and I probably need challenging things to do, or dream of doing.
And so here I am, brushing up my English and looking up for new teaching materials, mainly using the internet so far. For the moment I found this. Any suggestions? Of any kind?
As I'm studying... and practising, from now on I might come up with some odd posts in English, like this one, in order to clear up or focus my mind, and above all practise the language. Hope I didn't make too many mistakes this first time...

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